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The Morning After: Return to O.Z.

SCI FI Channel Photo: Art Streiber

We’re getting into December now, which means less and less original-run watercooler programming to discuss the morning after. And if the strike continues, every month will be like December. It’ll be like nuclear winter, the TV version. The gnarled, dead branches of the networks searching the sky, their …

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JPTV: What I'm Watching Tonight

HBO photo: Paul Schiraldi

Yeah, I’ll say it: I have seven new episodes of The Wire sitting right here.

I’m not going to jump the gun. I’m not going to spoilerize anything. I’m not that big a jerk. I’m just a big enough jerk to say it again, and let it play.

I have seven new episodes of The Wire sitting right here.

You all have a great evening.

The Turner Prize

State Britain, Mark Wallinger, 2006 — Photo © Tate 2006

The people at Tate Britain who bestow the Turner Prize, the U.K.’s annual art award, have given it this week to the artist who produced one of the most highly publicized installation works of the year. From January through August Mark Wallinger filled the Tate’s Duveen Gallery …

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Heroes Watch: Out of Our Misery

SPOILER ALERT: Before you read this post, whip yourself up a batch of chilaquiles and watch Heroes.

NBC photo: Adam Taylor

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, so in the spirit of holiday generosity, I will kick things off by finding something nice to say about the volume-two finale of Heroes:

Well, at least it’s over!

I don’t …


If I’m a little late posting today it’s because I got lost surfing around art related sites this morning. I started out looking at this piece on the New York Times website about high resolution digital photos of paintings that are available on line. That article led me to museumlink.com, an aggregator that links you to any museum …

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Heroes: Someone! Will! Die! Or Something!

NBC Photo: Paul Drinkwater

Tonight, as NBC is promo-ing, “two heroes will fall” as “Volume 2: Generations comes to an explosive, bloody finish.” Judging by recent history, I think we can definitely take that as an ironclad promise that two characters will fall, downward, and substantial portions of their body will come in contact with …

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NBC: Deadliest Network

Discovery Channel

The New York Times reports that NBC has struck a deal to acquire a ton of programming from outside producers including Thom Beers. You probably don’t know who Beers is, but you very likely know his shows: he specializes in cable shows about people in extreeeeeeeeem circumstances, like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road …

Dedicated to the One I Love

The Miami Art Museum unveiled the interim design for its new home today, a “work in progress” model by Herzog & de Meuron that MAM Director Terry Riley says can be expected to evolve over the next year or so in part on the basis of public comment.

Riley has said that he’d like the final design to provide for a few “anchor” galleries …

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