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TV Weekend: Things That Are Not The Wire

As we prepare to send off TV’s greatest drama, a few moments to remember your other options this weekend:

* The finale-that’s-not-really-a-finale of Breaking Bad. The series, originally intended to have a ten-episode order, was unceremoniously cut to seven by the strike, which means that the final episode ends the season arbitrarily. …

Georgia on My Mind

Radiator Building, Night — New York, Georgia O’Keeffe, 1927 /ALFRED STIEGLITZ COLLECTION, FISK UNIVERSITY

It’s (almost) happy ending time in the fight between Fisk University and the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum over the Alfred Stieglitz Collection. Yesterday a Tennessee judge ruled that Fisk could keep the collection but could not sell …

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Lostwatch: Prospero's Books

Ben plays let’s make a deal with Locke. / ABC: MARIO PEREZ

SPOILER ALERT: Before you read this, go to the safe behind the picture in your living room, enter the combination 36 – 15 – 28, get the videotape inside, and watch Lost. I taped over the Red Sox game.

The Tempest is the name of our brand-spanking newest Dharma station, a power …

A Talk With: The Curators of the Whitney Biennial

It’s here, the Whitney Biennial, the show that everybody loves to hate. It opens today at the Whitney Museum in New York. I sat down yesterday with Shamim M. Momin and Henriette Huldisch, the Whitney curators chiefly responsible for this year’s edition. The new Biennial is unusual in that for three weeks part of it will spill over to …

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Project Runway Finale: The Quasi-Live Blog

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet watched the Project Runway finale yet, sever your Internet hose immediately–there’s spoilage everywhere out there.

Rather than attempt some big essay-review that pretends I have any fashion expertise with which to assess the Runway finale, I decided just to pound it out, liveblog-style. Except that …

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Corporate Press Release Theater: More Garbage on TV


I can’t endorse the series sight unseen, but on the basis of the premise alone, I am at least TiVoing BBC America’s latest reality show this weekend:

Every year, the average British person throws out over 1,000 lbs. of trash, including $800 worth of food, with just a quarter being recycled. Most of the rest ends up in

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The Election on TV: What Next?

March 4 is over, and we have a winner: the TV networks. America, you lucky country, you are now looking at a full month and a half before Pennsylvania, with only a couple small contests. Meaning that, in the absence of any actual votes, the coverage of the campaign will become the campaign itself, in that that’s what will create any …

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Idol Watch: The Final Semifinals

My review of the men’s American Idol performances are up at time.com. The standard disclaimer applies: I am not a music critic nor a musical authority, just like the people who actually will choose the next Idol.

Very good night for the guys; even the ones who weren’t good were not atrocious. My guesses for the next elimination: Luke …

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