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Hey, I Like to Watch My Swim Trunks Inflate!

Each of the major candidates this season has his or her own pop-culture surrogates or inspirations: Hillary Clinton has Tina Fey, Barack Obama has Will.i.am. Last night, John McCain appeared on David Letterman, and it would appear that the Republican Party is about to nominate… Don Rickles.

A clip of C.P.O. Sharkey’s performance …

The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

Art as Idea: Nothing, Joseph Kosuth, 1968 /Photo: NATIONAL GALLERY OF ART

Until now I resisted the urge to complain in public about the wall cards and catalogue texts that accompany this year’s Whitney Biennial. (Let’s be clear, the Kosuth piece up there is not one of them. It just felt pertinent to the mood I’m in.) That was partly …

Tuned In Tuned In

Is Today Wacky Enough for Kathie Lee?

Gifford, with soon-to-be cohost Hoda Kotb. / NBC Universal/Virginia Sherwood

Yesterday, NBC announced that starting April 7, Kathie Lee Gifford will be the new host of the fourth hour of the Today show (which runs up in some markets against her old cohost/sparring partner Reege). I didn’t originally think I had anything much to say …

Sign Language

Fifty years ago this week, the peace symbol made its debut at a British demonstration against nuclear weapons. By now it seems like some ancient rune that rose out of a primeval folk culture. It was actually the work of one man, Gerald Holtom, a London textile designer and peace activist. What he created may not be a work of art, …

Tuned In Tuned In

The Morning After: March Angriness

It wasn’t just The Dance he took them to. What up! / Monty Brinton/CBS

Well, if Job One for How I Met Your Mother right now is to convince CBS to take it off the bubble and renew it for next season, this, more than the Britney stunt-cast episode from last week, may have been the episode to do it. No better way to prove you’re a good …

Tuned In Tuned In

Strike II: Revenge of the Actors?

Are we going to need to revive the Tuned In Strike Watch? Just as we’re seeing scripted TV return to air after the writers’ strike, there are some ominous rumblings regarding the actors’ contract, which comes up in June. This weekend, the American Federation of Televison and Radio Artists effectively split up with the Screen Actors’ …

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