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Font of Youth: How is Obama Like Target?

This weekend I watched the DVD of last year’s documentary Helvetica, which is, yes, about the typeface, and which is—really, I’m serious—absolutely fascinating. The movie directly relates to Mrs. Tuned In’s job, which involves graphic design, but if you ever have the chance to watch it, it has lessons for Tuned Inland too: namely, …

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Mad Men Watch: Like a Fatherless Child


One of the most important and least-remarked-on transitions in life is the death of a parent. While it doesn’t get noted the way other developmental milestones do—puberty, graduation, parenthood, etc.—losing a parent is recognizing that you are ultimately responsible for yourself, and as much or more as those other landmarks, …

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TV Weekend: America's Job Boom Continues

…at least when it comes to cable reality TV. Sunday, National Geographic channel debuts L.A. Hard Hats, a show about Golden State high-rise construction workers that promises to be like Deadliest Catch, except warmer, higher above sea level, and not Deadliest Catch.

L.A. Hard Hats also joins the vaunted category of series titles that …

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TV Poll: 9021-Oh! or 9021-Old?

In lieu of actual pilot screeners this summer, I’ve been getting e-mails from network publicity departments. Hey, we’ve got new publicity photos for 90210 available for the press! Check it out—we posted trailers for new NBC shows at our website!

And I’m all, yeah, dude! I’d love to download and reproduce your publicity stills and …

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Lost Discussion Group: Comic-Conversation

We may be in the summer doldrums, but Comic-Con came along last week to give us a few more nuggets to chew on before LDG takes a well-earned fall vacation. I’ll start with the video screened at the Lost panel, since I haven’t linked it here yet:

The most important bit of information is, of course, that Marvin Candle / Pierre Chang

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McCain Tries to Britney-fy Obama

I haven’t been spending much time picking apart campaign ads in this election, because I know enough about what I don’t know about that I don’t want to pretend to be factcheck.org. But in his newest ad, John McCain has come into Tuned In’s house, as the kids say, attacking Barack Obama on pop culture.

Again, I’ll leave the analysis of …

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The Morning After: The (Natural) History Channel

So at this point we’ve all accepted that the History Channel has a rather, shall we say, broad definition of its mission. Basically, if it happened, it’s history. Or if it might happen. Or if it’s happening now.

Or, in the case of last night’s debut, Jurassic Fight Club, if it may or may not have happened 70 million years ago, but we …

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