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The YouTube Channel

After I watched The Line for the first time, I re-watched it last night with Mrs. Tuned In—on TV. TiVo, for you non-cultists, now allows you to search for and stream YouTube videos directly to your TV. (I don’t know if the entire database is available, but TiVo touts “millions” of videos, and having tried to search for several obscure …

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Anakin You Feel It?

I’ve been spending more time than the average adult lately thinking about Anakin Skywalker. This is in part because the Tuned In Jrs. recently came into possession of the Lego Star Wars prequel videogame, allowing them to discover the franchise’s whole Jar Jar Binksian backstory. And I’ve been working on Time’s fall arts preview, one …

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They Walk (or Sit) The Line

2008 hasn’t been a great year for TV. There was the strike, for starters, and while we still have a third of the year to go, we haven’t seen any amazing debuts on the order of Mad Men. But while it’s been a weak year for TV on TV, TV online’s been doing just fine, thanks.

Yesterday was the debut of the last installment of The Line, a …

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Nielsen, By the Numbers

For those Tuned Inlanders interested in the business-and-ratings side of TV, Nielsen has launched a new blog with regularly updated ratings and other stats on media and branding. Nielsen keeps a lot of their research proprietary, of course, but for media numbers junkies, it’s a nice all-on-one-page general resource.

The …

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Internet Fails to Kill Olympics

The ratings—and/or the highly speculative guesswork—are in, and it turns out a billion people watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, over 34 million of them in the U.S. (That’s a smaller percentage of our population, but to be fair, much of the rest of the world’s population doesn’t have Cartoon Network.)

Beyond …

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You're a Celebrity! No, You're a Celebrity!

In a new ad, the Obama campaign casts John McCain as “Washington’s biggest celebrity” and reminds us of his numerous media and Hollywood appearances:

I dunno. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’ve never been that convinced that the “Barack Obama is a celebrity” attack angle is damaging per se to Obama. (I’m with Jimmy Kimmel, who ran the …

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The Morning After: Scores from the Judges?

After liveblogging Friday’s opening ceremonies, I took most of the weekend off from the Games, except for the occasional round of beach volleyball. (Actually, judging by the number of times it was on when I randomly turned NBC on this weekend, apparently beach volleyball is the most popular sport on Earth.) Any thoughts on NBC’s Gamesmanship?

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