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Tougher in Alaska?

A few more morning-after RNC thoughts:

* The more I think about the Sarah Palin speech, the more I wish I were writing this column again today. Mind you, I’m not saying that Palin is a national figure because of the popularity of reality shows like Deadliest Catch, or that the popularity of these blue-collar reality shows predicts …

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The Personal Is Political

Watching Sarah Palin’s speech, for a while you might have thought that Trig Palin was John McCain’s running mate. The governor of Alaska, of course, was the one being introduced to a curious nation, whose quips, attacks and asides would be parsed by the pundits, but before the speech began, and as it continued, the camera followed …

More Talk With: Damien Hirst

Hirst in July with one of his “spin” paintings/PHOTO: Pal Hansen for TIME

Let’s get back to that conversation with Damien Hirst. Today we talk about his past work and his decision over the past few years to return to painting — not canvases turned out by his scores of studio assistants, which is how most Hirst paintings are produced, …

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TV Tonight: Anarchy in the U.S.

Ray Mickshaw/ FX

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to put together the vaguely-promised Shield Watch: besides having other things to deal with, it takes me a while to get my bearings on a new season—especially when it’s been over a year since the last one. I am intrigued by the gang war paralleling the cold war between Vic and Shane, but …

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Why MSNBC Makes Brian Williams Squirm

Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart got “all up in [Brian Williams’] grill”—though Stewart disputed whether “the whitest man in America” could possess a grill—about the on-air feuding that broke out last week at NBC’s sister news channel, MSNBC. (Nutshell: Tim Russert is gone, everybody wants to be the new daddy, and it’s

A Talk With: Ann Temkin

Ann Temkin /MOMA

I caught up this morning with Ann Temkin, the newly appointed chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

LACAYO: What are your main goals going into the new job?

TEMKIN: The museum is such an outstanding place, the resources here are so inspiring -— what could be a greater …

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RNC Wrapup: Bush Escapes Custody

Due, I assume, to unforeseen technical problems, millions of Americans inadvertently saw President George W. Bush endorse John McCain last night at the Republican National Convention. The President’s brief remarks had been slated in the 9:30 hour, which would have ended them before the major broadcast networks picked up coverage at 10 …

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The Morning After: Mediocrity Has a New ZIP Code

Michael Desmond/The CW

To be fair, I can’t properly review last night’s 90210, because I missed the beginning, owing to a TiVo mishap. But unless the beginning included the phrase, “James Poniewozik, you are our $10,000,000 grand prize winner!,” I can’t imagine it helping all that much.

The fact that The CW held back screeners of the …

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