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Seth MacFarlane Finds His Medium

Back in the Wild West days of YouTube, before the copyright lawyers arrived to harsh everyone’s mellow, you could scan through the currently-playing videos and conclude that Family Guy must be the highest-rated show on TV, if not the most popular entertainment on the planet.

Family Guy does well enough, of course, but it’s only a …

Damien Hirst: The Postscript

Damien Hirst /PAL HANSEN for TIME

I got into London over the weekend for a number of reasons. One of them was to see the Sotheby’s pre-sale exhibition of Hirst’s work at their auction showroom in Mayfair. The actual sale, which may or may not make Hirst infinitely richer than he already is, I plan to skip. I do what I can to talk …

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The Morning After: Twice Bitten?

There didn’t exactly seem to be a clamor for a weekly True Blood Watch last week, but has anyone stuck with it? Second impressions?

I did actually find the series improved by the fourth and fifth episodes, but I don’t know if it’s enough, or if many people will stick around until then.

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Fey's Palin? Not Failin'

Tina Fey is just a heartbeat away from having to be on Saturday Night Live every week.

There were a lot of ways you could have gone with the first Palin skit—the ABC interview, the convention, something involving moose—but I’m glad they went the Hillary route since (1) “What must Hillary be thinking right now?” has been a constant …

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TV Weekend: Who Will Wear The Glasses?

A reminder that Saturday Night Live returns this weekend, amid word that Tina Fey is in talks to play Sarah Palin on the show. (Also, Barack Obama will reportedly cameo.)

What’s the opening sketch? The Charlie Gibson interview? The convention? Will it involve Bristol? Will there be a moose?

Update: Chaddogg asks a better

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Dead Tree Alert: Defeat the Press

My column in this week’s Time is about the McCain/Palin strategy of running against the media:

Palin, who majored in journalism but has since seen the error of her ways, not only out-celebritied Obama but also showed him how real celebrities handle the press.

Real celebrities don’t make themselves available to every Tom, Dick and

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Gibson and Palin, Round One

For the past few days, the entire world has been offering Charles Gibson unsolicited advice on how to interview Sarah Palin. I’ve done enough bad interviews in my day that I can hardly imagine handling one in front of an audience of a million kibitzers. So I’ll spare you (and Gibson) my two cents on which followup I would have asked here …

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Your Daily Palin TV Update

ABC has released its schedule for dishing out Charles Gibson’s Alaskan Sarahstravaganza: excerpts of the interview will air tonight on World News and Nightline and tomorrow on Good Morning America, World News and 20/20. [In other campaign-TV news, I should also note that Richard Stengel—a.k.a. my boss—will moderate a forum on service …

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The Morning After: All Vacancy

As a kind of public service, I took the title of Fox’s hotel sitcom Do Not Disturb literally and neglected to review it. My apologies to those of you who inadvertently, or vertently, watched the premiere last night. But consider this an open thread for discussing it, ‘Til Death or even Greatest American Dog (which so appropriately airs …

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