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The Morning After: John the Interviewee

The conventional wisdom in the debates was first that John McCain would do best in the town hall format. Then it became that—whoever you thought won the final debate—he actually did best in the seated-at-a-table format. But now that the debates are over, I think it’s clear: he really excels at the format involving a couch.

McCain …

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Why The Shield Is So Awful, and Great

Prashant Gupta / FX

Because FX is generous enough to send episodes of The Shield far in advance, I have now watched through two episodes short of the finale. Through seven seasons, I’ve struggled to put my finger on just what it is that makes the show so disturbing to me. I mean, there are the obvious factors. The brutality, the gore, …

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The Morning After: The Other Big Vote

Spoilers for Project Runway… do not follow the jump, because I was liveblogging the debate while it was on. It’s sitting on my Tivo, but rather than make you wait, I’ll throw the thread open to your finale comments, and maybe I’ll add my own once I get to around to watching.

Update: Watched it. Quick spoiler-y comment added after the jump.

Pre-Columbian, Post-Suburban

Pre-Columbian Galleries, Los Angeles County Museum of Art/PHOTOS: LACAYO

On my out to San Francisco last month I swung though Los Angeles for a couple of days. One thing I was there to see were the new galleries for pre-Columbian art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They were designed by the artist Jorge Pardo as …

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Debating the Final Debate

As I write this post, CNN and CBS have just come out with their insta-polls, which gave the debate to Obama by what I believe was the biggest margin of any of the debates. I was surprised, and then I wasn’t.

CBS’s poll gave the debate to Obama by a two-to-one margin. I’m an Obama supporter, and even I didn’t think he was twice as good …

The Emperor Hadrian

Bronze head of Hadrian, c. 120-130 A.D. /© THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM

The first thing to be said about the British Museum’s current exhibition about the Roman Emperor Hadrian is that it makes you understand why Neil MacGregor, the British Museum’s director, wants more space. MacGregor wants to build an addition that will …

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