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The Morning After: American Pie

Thanks to the magic of Tivo, I was able to watch both The Barack Obama Variety Show and its network competition, Pushing Daisies, which is unfortunately facing tightening in its own numbers this fall. I’d missed a couple episodes lately—I am part of the problem, not the solution—but from where I’m sitting the show still hasn’t missed …

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Getting to Know You (and Him): The O-mercial

Why do political parties put their conventions on TV? You get a big block of network prime time and get to put on a show. You can air slick produced pieces about your biography. You can get your colleagues and former rivals to come on stage and tell the world how wonderful you are. You bring ordinary people on stage and promise to …

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TV Tonight: Who Wants Their O TV?

Tonight at 8 p.m. E.T., Barack Obama’s half-hour infomercial will air on CBS, NBC and Fox. If you miss it on TV, you will dream it tonight at approximately 2 a.m. Your nightmare about being back in high school and having to take an exam for a calculus class you haven’t attended all year will be pre-empted.

The New York Times saw a …

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Corporate Press Release Theater: L&O:CI, TBD

This just in from USA Network. Law & Order: Criminal Intent, in which Vincent D’Onofrio solves crimes by overacting, has had its season premiere pushed back from November 7 to an unspecified time early next year:

USA Network will be moving the eighth season premiere of hit series LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT to 2009 when it will air in

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The Swing (Set) Vote

Tuned In Jr. Jr. is in his first year of school and has had his first encounter with direct democracy. His pre-K class has held a vote on its class nickname: “The Star Wars” won in a landslide over “The Kitty Cats.” There is apparently some question of whether the name should be amended to some other variation on “Star,” because …

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