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The Morning After: Do Not Disturb

If all goes well, as you read this, I am blissfully asleep, having been up all night liveblogging, then writing a column. Talk among yourselves. But keep it down! Some of us work the night shift!

[Update: 9:07 a.m.—Yeah, that whole sleep thing’s not working out—thanks, by the way, to all the Tuned In regulars, and irregulars, who …

Last Talk With: William Eggleston

Let’s finish up that conversation with the photographer William Eggleston. His retrospective opens Friday at the Whitney Museum in New York.

LACAYO: There are certain pictures of your’s that I think of as your Nan Goldin pictures.

EGGLESTON: Nan and I are very close. I adore her. We talk back and forth all the time.


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Last Election Liveblog of 2008

…or the first election liveblog of 2012, depending how you look at it. Michael Grunwald, Karen Tumulty and I will be liveblogging the election and its coverage here at time.com. The liveblog will really kick into gear when polls begin to close around 6 p.m. E.T. or so, but I (and I suspect my compatriots) will probably get the party …

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

No, I’m not talking about Campaign ’08, though it will be a relief to put that behind us too. What I mean is that the hyperactive art market is finally, indisputably, no-two-ways-about-it, drawing to a close. Despite a few record sales — for Malevich and Degas — last night’s Sotheby’s New York auction of Impressionist and modern …

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Call It! The Feature

One way or another, the network projections tonight are likely to be controversial. If John McCain wins, or comes very close, the big question will be: is the polling system broken? If Obama wins, in a way consistent with the fairly big margin the final polls are showing, the big question will be: how long can you hold off calling an …

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Call It! Part Two

I wrote earlier that it’s been network policy not to call elections before the polls close. But there’s calling and then there’s calling. Interesting exchange just now between Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd on Hardball:

TODD: … [about Virginia] Let’s say, if the Virginia polls are correct, OK, Chris, and Obama has this five, six, seven

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Top Video Moments of the Campaign

I came up with a top 10 list for Time.com. I wanted to spread the wealth around and include a sweep from the primaries through the general election, so there’s a vast amount I left on the cutting-room floor. (For instance, the Obamercial, whose impact is hard to assess so soon. Also, honorable mentions should go to Hillary’s 3 a.m. ad …

More Talk With: William Eggleston

Let’s continue that talk with the photographer William Eggleston.

LACAYO: Let me ask you about a particular picture of yours that was one of the first I ever saw — a glowing red pick-up truck in a farm field. How did you get that luminous effect?

EGGLESTON: That originated as a slide, and I liked it enough to immediately have it …

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The Morning After: Boyz n the 'Hood

Every once in a while a show comes along that eludes me, yet gets so much praise and attention that I keep thinking: It can’t be them. It must be me. Brotherhood, which returned to Showtime last night, is one such show. I watched all of season one (Showtime sent the entire season out) and thought the stories were a little too familiar …

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McCain/Fey '08

John McCain’s political challenge on Saturday Night Live—we can agree there are political stakes in it, right? that you don’t devote time to a national TV appearance three days before an election just for yuks?—was that he had to balance being funny with being funny. That is, he needed to seem likeable and self-deprecating (which …

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