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Shield Watch: Come Back, Shane

Not really a Shield Watch per se, but I’ve been writing about the Shield finale for the print TIME, and it got me thinking. Writing about The Shield, I tend to focus on Vic, but I should probably pay more attention to Shane. Not just because the cat-and-mouse between him and Vic is so central to the endgame, but because he is so …

SLAM Ducks

St. Louis Art Museum, proposed addition, David Chipperfield, 2007/photo: David Chipperfield Architects

The St. Louis Art Museum has just announced that it’s putting its expansion plans on hold.  It was just last fall that SLAM unveiled a design for an addition to the museum’s original Beaux Art building by Cass Gilbert, architect of the

Off With Their Heads

Chinese officials are unhappy about two very famous Chinese antiquities that are coming on the market. They’ll be part of Christie’s huge auction of the estate of Yves Saint Laurent, scheduled to take place in February at the Grand Palais in Paris. In 1860, the last year of the Second Opium War, French and British forces looted and …

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Dollhouse: I Want to Believe

Fox has a new trailer out for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, coming out in January:

I’m way eager to see an episode. And, I’ll be honest, a little nervous. Not because of the reported production problems, reshoots and stops and starts, but because of the concept. A show about a heroine who has been stripped of her memories and personality, …

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Yes We Can Change (Our Marketing)

Every cable news network and TV news division must be wondering how best to stoke viewership now that the election derby is over. A new ad on MSNBC just now sounds a note of Obamopportunism:

Visuals: The White House… a baby holding an American flag… windmills… a young boy holding a flag… Obama speaking at Grant Park and joined

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The Election in Three Minutes

I’ll have a column in the upcoming election issue of Time about the hologramaliciousness of last night’s electoral coverage. But this video, put together by time.com’s Vanessa Kaneshiro, gives you all that in 180  201 seconds. Relive it like it was yesterday night through early this morning!

Tuned In Tuned In

Shield Watch: DIY Edition

In an ingenious bit of counterprogramming FX aired a new episode of The Shield last night, despite the distractions going on in the news. I don’t have a writeup for you: there was this election last night, and one thing led to another and… yeah, that’s not going to happen. But I invite those of you who are inclined to discuss, partly …

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