Top 10 Comeback Movies

Mickey Rourke’s critically acclaimed role in The Wrestler is just the latest in a long line of Hollywood comebacks. TIME looks at the most memorable.

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Fallen Idol?

I’ve been remiss about updating you on the flurry of American Idol news lately, mainly from not caring. Oh, I’ll still watch Idol—though I may skip the audition rounds—but I’m not certain any of the twiddling is going to change the core show much, or change the fact that it’s not the new thing anymore and is likely to keep shedding …

LACMA Makes a MOCA Motion

On the very day that the trustees of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art are meeting to consider the grim options in their financial crisis, this just in — the executive committee of the Board of Museum Associates, the non-profit that operates the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has just presented a plan to the MOCA board …

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TV Tonight: Momma's Boys

Momma’s Boys, the NBC dating-show-with-a-twist from Ryan Seacrest, has a bold statement to make about prejudice in our supposedly postracial, melting-pot society: it’s still a great way to get a lot of attention for an otherwise dull reality show.

The premise of the show—basically an MTV dating premise adapted to a …

The New Lincoln Center, Act I, Part 2

So what can I tell you about the Diller, Scofidio + Renfro refashioning of Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center? It’s still a construction site — the official re-opening isn’t until February — but I previewed some substantially completed portions last week with Liz Diller and Charles Renfro.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, from …

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A New Model from Detroit

The Detroit News and Free Press made official today that they’re dramatically cutting back their emphasis on the paper part of newspaper, cutting out home delivery of the paper four days a week and shifting resources to online. Not Tuned In’s usual area of coverage but these are my hometown (well, home metro-area) papers, and just like …

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NBC's Super Bowl Advertisements for Itself

Problem one: Your network has the Super Bowl in a year in which the economy is whimpering in the fetal position, and it’s getting hard to sell ads. Problem two: nobody is watching your primetime lineup. Double disaster? Or two great tastes that taste great together?

NBC is hoping for the latter, intending, according to Advertising Age …

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Heroes Watch: Deep Impact

I watched last night’s Heroes finale, but honestly I’ve been off the Heroes train too long this season to properly critique it, so consider this an open thread.

I did have one very tangential, picayune comment on the final moments, which kicked off the series’ fourth volume, “Fugitives,” for the second half of the season. (I

More on the MOCA Meltdown

Before we get to the Diller, Scofidio + Renfro renovations at Alice Tully Hall in New York, there was an interesting passage yesterday in a Los Angeles Times story by Mike Boehm and Kim Christensen about how the LA Museum of Contemporary Art burned through so much of its endowment that its very existence is now in question.

It appears …

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And Speaking of Iraq…

… did any Tuned Inlanders catch the last installment of HBO’s House of Saddam? Judging from the underwhelming response my review got, I’m guessing not. But maybe it was just the review. As I wrote then, I admired but was not especially captivated by the miniseries, partly because it simply dramatized a lot of events already familiar …

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Talk About Press Bias

You want to talk about lack of objectivity? This Iraqi journalist will show you what a lack of objectivity looks like: 

Points off for accuracy, though. I guaran-damn-tee you Helen Thomas would not have missed.

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