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TV Weekend: Jack Bauer Gets Meta


Much of the advance coverage of the season premiere of 24 has focused on the question: is Jack Bauer going soft for the age of Obama? This is a great benefit for the producers, since it deflects attention from the more pressing question: Does 24 still suck, and if so, how much? 


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Lost Discussion Group: We Have to Go Back. But Why?

We are in one of those weird periods for LDG, because I have seen the first two episodes of season 5 (both of which air Jan. 21). So I have to be extremely careful about posing leading discussion questions, or writing anything else that may inadvertently spoil something for someone, if for no other reason than, “Oh, I bet I know why he …

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Joe the… War Correspondent

Let it never be said that no media organizations are expanding their overseas coverage. A conservative website has hired Real America resident Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher as a war correspondent. Wurzelbacher will reportedly spend ten days in Israel, asking Israeli “Average Joes” to tell their stories as fighting rages in Gaza. …

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Pop-Up Exposition

Peevish thoughts that occur to me while going through review screeners, an occasional series:

Can we declare some kind of moratorium on little supertitles in TV series telling us the name and significance of every new character we meet? If we’re watching a scene in which an ad exec is pitching a client—and I pick on TNT’s Trust Me

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