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The We Are One Concert: That Endless Skyway Revisited

Watching We Are One, the inaugural celebration concert in Washington on HBO, I kept thinking of transformation. Not “change,” that politically-charged-to-the-point-of-meaninglessness concept, but rather the way that great (and even not-so great) American songs (and even not American songs) evolve over time.

Take the opening performance …

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The Morning After: Me Pluribus Unum

As part of my day of service to the nation, I will post a Big Love Watch later this morning, but as I wrote below, I’m only one man, so I’m officially throwing open this post for discussion of last night’s United States of Tara debut, Flight of the Conchords’ return, the Obama concert (which I may also post on in a bit) or the NFL …

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Mo on BSG

If you’ve watched last night’s return episode of Battlestar Galactica, and are the kind of person who is reading a TV blog on the weekend, then you are probably the kind of person who will want to jump over—like now—to Mo Ryan, who has an exhaustive interview with Ron Moore on “Sometimes a Great Notion,” plus the writers and director.

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The Morning After: Case Closed for Grissom

I’ll be posting a quick hit on last night’s The Office and 30 Rock a little later this morning, but with all the new product coming on TV this week and weekend, I never got around to watching William Petersen’s final episode on CSI. Your dissection—or thoughts on any other TV last night—welcome.

I did, however, finally watch this …

Andrew Wyeth: 1917-2009

The famous American realist painter has died. Wyeth was of course one of those beloved artists the artworld never quite knew what to do with. I’ll have more to say later today on Time.com.

UPDATE: You can find my appreciation here.

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No One Threw a Shoe…

…so it had that going for it. Otherwise, George W. Bush’s farewell address was a bit of a strange creature, with its tone at odds with its agenda. Message-wise, it was of a piece with the contentious last press conference Bush held this week, where he defended his record and tried to bat down notions that his administration had failed, …

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