The Rose Board Wants a Meeting

The Board of Overseers at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis has just issued a statement. Predictably it condemns the sale. But it also calls on the Brandeis Trustees to revoke their decision and asks for a meeting with them “to find a solution consistent with the continued existence” of the museum.

Will the Trustees agree to meet? They …

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Blowed Up, Real Good

Before I write about Discovery’s new series, The Detonators, I should disclose that I have a friend who writes for the show. But even if I didn’t, I believe I’d have to take some notice of it, simply because it is perhaps the perfect concept for Discovery in its adrenaline-driven, Old-Spice-manly, Deadliest Catch era.

The series focuses …

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The Morning After: Role Reversal

It’ll be a while before I catch up on last night’s Damages, so I’ll leave this thread for any fans to discuss it. In last week’s (spoiler alert, if you’re behind) Tom and Ellen took a road trip and we discovered the killer of Daniel Purcell’s wife—not, because it turned out he was a volunteer fall guy in an elaborate ruse / …

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Let Me Pick Your Brain

Your delicious, delicious brain… no, actually, this isn’t a Alec-Baldwin-for-Hulu brain-eating request. I’m writing a piece for the magazine about the various ways to watch TV other than televisions + cable/satellite/antenna–e.g., on your computer, on iPods or similar devices, via iTunes, Hulu, DVD rental, cellphone, downloads via …

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The Morning After: Welcome to Hollywood

Last night, American Idol entered the Hollywood round, otherwise known as the period when the show actually becomes watchable, yet the ratings drop off.

Probably the biggest watercooler argument from last night’s culling was the fact that Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darrell advanced to the next round. Personally, while she annoys the hell out …

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Obama's Mea Culpa Marathon

“I screwed up.” If you needed more evidence that we had a new President, that admission to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, regarding the collapse of Tom Daschle’s nomination over unpaid taxes, should remind you. The Bush administration, from the top down, was adamant in its refusal to acknowledge mistakes, operating on the theory that certainty = …

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