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TV Poll: Who Is CNBC For?

Because there is apparently news going on involving the economy lately, I’ve been trying to add a little more CNBC to my on-in-the-background daily TV rotation. And I’ve been struck by a question that’s often come to me before: Just who watches CNBC, and what do they use it for?

I mean, I’ve written stories on business news before, and …

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The Morning After: Amazing (G)race

I was actually happy to realize that last night’s How I Met Your Mother was a rerun. It freed me up to watch the episode of The Amazing Race that I’d left on TiVo because of the Oscars. (Side note: with DVRs in over 20% of homes and rising, it makes ever more sense to counterprogram original episodes against big events like the …

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Ratings: Oscars Up-ish, Dollhouse Down-ish

Certain critics may have groused about last night’s Oscars, but preliminary ratings have the broadcast up about 6% from last year. The rise, however, comes off an all-time low last year, so the broadcast may still be among the three lowest rated ever. Still, the odds are that much higher for more show tunes next year.

Meanwhile, there …

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While I Was Out…

You’ll have noticed that I’m back from vacation. That is, if you noticed I was on vacation in the first place. What did I miss?:

* Lost had a swing-and-a-miss of an episode. Don’t want to pile on—they can’t all be gems—but I found myself for once having the reaction that Lost haters regularly have: namely, this sounds like

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Oscar Liveblog Reminder

The Oscar liveblog is tonight, not here, but here. Liveblogging should commence around 6:30 or so, with TIME fashion czarina Kate Betts critiquing the red carpet–or rather, what’s on the red carpet–and film critic and Richard Corliss and I will join her for running commentary on the show.

Be there, and watch me make a Huge Ackman of myself!

Best Oscar Dresses 2009

No low-key Oscars for these glamorous actresses. Despite rumors that this year’s ceremony would be toned down, the red-carpet regulars turned up the fashion volume. Jewelry also made a big statement.

Blame the Cylons

This just in from Battlestar Galactica Watch replacement John Cloud:

I just got to the hotel, and although they have 78 channels, including ESPN2, CSPAN2 and the home-and-gardening channel (seriously), they don’t have SciFi. SciFi.com used to stream BSG episodes on the same day they aired–you could watch them starting at 12:01 a.m.

Linked-in Center

Alice Tully Hall, the chamber music auditorium at Lincoln Center in New York, re-opens this weekend in a building that’s been ingeniously opened out and reconfigured by Diller, Scofidio + Renfro. In this week’s Time I wrote about it in the context of performing arts centers in a few places around the U.S. that have found themselves to …

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