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Office Watch: Shoot That Poison Sparrow

The enjoyable thing about an episode like the Valentine’s Day installment (?? — someone monkeyed with the schedule) of The Office is how it allows a moment for nearly everyone from the broad cast. Young, old, single or paired, gay or straight, everyone has relationship issues. And while Michael’s two-ships-that-passed-in-the-blood-drive …

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This Showrunner, That Show: Let's Play TV Transplant!

What’s keeping me from doing more blogging today is working on my review of Kings for the print magazine. Naturally, it made me want to write a blog post.

I don’t want to telegraph too much about my review—it’s complicated—but one thing I was thinking as I watched was that I sometimes wished that a different writer had gotten …

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Crash the Nielsens

In the current Lost thread, commenter archstanton68 goes off-topic to make an offer that deserves its own post (if only because I have little time to write posts myself today):

OT – I got a Nielsen diary in the mail the other day. anyone have any struggling shows for me to help out in the ratings?

Archstanton68 is only one diarist, but …

Renzo Goes to Athens

A few weeks ago I stopped by the New York outpost of Renzo Piano — his main office is in Genoa — to talk with him about the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, another one of his multitude of commissions. When it’s finished — the scheduled completion date is 2015 — the Center will provide a home for both the National …

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The Morning After: Oh, You're Still On the Air?

The reviews for the first night of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show came in yesterday, many of which were not charitable. As mentioned yesterday, the very idea of reviewing a nightly talk show on the basis of its first night is unfair and kind of ridiculous.

Therefore, in the interest of fairness, I hereby pledge to review Late Night with

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Corporate Press Release Theater: HSM (Kind of) Returning

Disney today announced plans for High School Musical 4—a TV movie again this time, not a movie-movie like HSM3, and with a new cast:


East meets West in a classic love triangle set against the cross-town school rivalry between the East

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