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In the grand spirit of further milking a public controversy to draw traffic to my blog, I was going to make the argument today that all the attention to the throwdown between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer was misplaced.

I would have said that it’s a classic example of how the media are more comfortable focusing on personalities than on …

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The Morning After: Can't Stand the Heat

I never got around to reviewing last night’s debut of NBC’s The Chopping Block, the cooking competition hosted by bad-boy-chef (a burgeoning category, and somehow it’s always a boy) Marco Pierre White. I did watch it, though, and I decided that if it couldn’t remotely hold my interest—I was a food-TV junkie long before I watched …

The National Academy Promises to Sin No More

It looks like the National Academy in New York has started the long process of mending fences with the Association of Art Museum Directors, which clobbered the Academy last year for selling two paintings from its collection to raise cash to cover general expenses. (As you probably know if you follow this blog, that’s forbidden by AAMD …

I’m Back

I’ve been on the road again (again!) for the past few days. (More about that later.) My state of the art blogging software was supposed to put up a blogpost to that effect automatically on the day I took off. Somehow that failed to happen. (Note to self — look into new state-of-the-art blogging software.) This was an oversight I …

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Mad Money Vs. Mad Funny

At what point are Viacom and General Electric going to sit down with someone from The Daily Show and CNBC, respectively, and ask them to stop giving the competition such awesome cross-promotion?

You probably know the chronology: first Jon Stewart aired a scathing takedown of bad financial advice from CNBC, in response to Rick Santelli’s …

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Judging American Idol: The Final 13

Click on the photos below for my reviews. (And yes, I know the pix are from previous performances; the time.com wizards have  to prepare the photo gallery quick, and Fox often doesn’t send out official approved pictures until the next day.)

Tuned In Tuned In

Programming Note: Lucky 13

The American Idol finals start tonight, which means from tonight through May I’ll be reviewing each finalist’s performance for time.com. The wizards of time.com have also assured me that, thanks to some arcane prestidigitation that surely cometh from the Devil, my reviews will be simultaneously posted here at Tuned In, so you can check …

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