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The Morning After: Training Day

A lot of new TV last night, and I’m not sure when or if I’ll get around to blogging it, so let’s make this a true Morning After post: feel free to weigh in on the debuts of Southland, Parks and Recreation or Harper’s Island (which I dropped after one episode when I realized I wasn’t going to review it, but may return to), last …

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Parks and Recreation: Shovel Ready

Tonight, NBC debuts the much-awaited Office-spinoff-but-it’s-not-but-it-kind-of-is-except-it’s-not Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler. If you’ve been reading the advance buzz, you may have heard that it’s slavishly imitative of The Office and comes off as an inferior copy. I say that that’s not true—well, not entirely …

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Corporate Press Release Theater: Goode News

ABC announced its summer programming today, which means a pile of reality/game shows and one series I’ve actually been awaiting, Mike Judge’s The Goode Family. I have not seen the series, so I’m anticipating it based only on Judge’s reputation, and the summer launch date is not exactly a ringing endorsement. (Has there been a hit …

Charles in Charge?

Britain’s Prince Charles, the sworn enemy of modern architecture, has gone on the offensive again. Earlier this week he attacked a plan for a large but mostly low-rise apartment development project. Designed by Richard Rogers’ firm, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, it would be built on a site in west London across from Christopher

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Happy Lost Day: Dayenu, Already!

When you think about it, Lost is a pretty Jewish show, particularly given all the Passover resonances. There are, of course, all the Old Testament references. There is an exodus from a land of exile. There’s even a plague, though this one goes beyond affecting the firstborn to all Island babies and their mothers.

All of which is to …

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The Morning After: Feral Itself

Fringe returned last night after an absence of several weeks, with a decent but not great episode about a feral child, discovered living underground, who bonds emotionally with Olivia. Fringe had gone to hiatus on a fairly high point, and I’d expected its return to continue more directly with the Pattern storyline it had embraced …

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Idol Predix Thread

I probably should start working my predictions in to the main American Idol review post, but since that’s already up, I will say:

* Kris, Lil and Scott in the bottom three, Scott goes home. Though the fact that I liked Kris for the first time this week does not bode well for him.

* Incidentally, at this point we’re all just waiting to …

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Judging American Idol: The Final 8

Before we get to the reviews of American Idol‘s Songs from the ‘Year You Were Born’ Night, I want to issue an apology to America on behalf of the 1980s. I was a teenager at the time, but I feel partly responsible for the decade’s popular music catalog. We all made choices we weren’t proud of. Just be thankful you were spared Paula …

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