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Vacation Robo-Post: I Love the '00s Week, Best Actor

It’s I Love the ’00s Week (see Monday’s post for the rules, or lack thereof).

Today we move on to the acting categories. Often these categories are divided among drama and comedy divisions. I say that that is an artificial distinction that suggests that comedic and dramatic acting are essentially different skills, and implies that one …

Judging "American Idol": The Final 7

It’s songs-from-movies week on “American Idol,” which means a mentoring appearance from a frighteningly earnest Quentin Tarantino. And fitting a Hollywood production, “Idol” found itself fighting running-time overruns, after last Tuesday ran way over; this week only two judged got to speak per contestant. (Maybe we should start off with …

David Adjaye To Design the African-American History Museum

The Smithsonian Institution has just announced its choice of architects to design the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, the Smithsonian branch that’s scheduled to open in 2015 on a site on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The winner of a six-firm competition is a team led by David Adjaye, the …

Peter Zumthor Wins the Pritzker

In most years the Pritzker Prize goes to one of the big international players in the world of architecture — Jean Nouvel, Renzo Piano, Norman Foster and so on. But some years it goes to a lesser known figure — Australia’s Glenn Murcutt or Paulo Mendes da Rocha of Brazil. This is one of those years. I always hesitate to use the …

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Vacation Robo-Post: I Love the '00s Week, Best Drama

Before I left on vacation, I received a request to contribute to a critics’ poll on the best TV of the soon-to-be-ended decade. I’m making my picks, but I’ve never met a poll that I couldn’t repurpose into a vacation-filler poll for Tuned In. So I’m going to dedicate this week to The Best TV of the ’00s. Starting today with: What were

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Programming Note

It’s Easter weekend, and as a special present to you, I have decided to take a week’s vacation. (I wasn’t sure if you liked chocolate.)

In my stead, Robo-James, who has taken up quilting (left) on his therapist’s advice to deal with his anger issues, will be putting up daily posts next week.

Except for a weekend in Washington, …

Top 10 Jesus Films

As secular as Hollywood is, the entertainment industry recognizes the dramatic impact, and box office lure, of Jesus’ tale. TIME scanned a century of Messiah movies.

  1. 1
  2. ...
  3. 640
  4. 641
  5. 642
  6. ...
  7. 879