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Dead Tree Alert: Mental, Mentaler, Mentalist!

In the issue of TIME that went on newsstands Friday, I have a page on the biggest—arguably the only—network-TV hit of the 2008-09 season:

We all know by now the problems with major-network TV. There are too many other channels, other media, other diversions. The audience has been sliced and diced into confetti, and it is no longer

Tuned In Tuned In

The Morning After: Those Who Can't Do

I didn’t get around to reviewing Fox’s Sit Down, Shut Up, from Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, before going on vacation. But I did watch two episodes, and found myself in that uncomfortably familiar position for a TV critic: trying to will myself to enjoy a show I had high expectations of, from a writer whose work I’ve …

More on the Rose

There was another wrinkle today in the ongoing crisis of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis. Brandeis administrators originally announced plans to close the museum and sell work from its collection to help close a shortfall in the university’s general operating budget. Then they back pedaled and said they would transform it into a study …

Top 10 Newspaper Movies

Most of the time, journalism is not that exciting (trust us, we know). But these movies do a superb job of making the business look glamorous, dangerous and fun.

Talking About Shepard Fairey

When I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago I sat down with Jill Medvedow, the director of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, which has had an incredible run of shows since it re-opened in its new Diller, Scofidio + Renfro home in 2006. (Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Anish Kapoor, Tara Donovan and so on.) But for sheer perfect timing …

Top 10 Fake Bands

Anvil! The Story of Anvil, the buzzed-about documentary out now, follows an aging metal band trying to reclaim former rock glory. And if that sounds like the plot to the influential (and ironically more popular) ’80s mockumentary …

Shepard Fairey: The Good News, The Bad News

The good news is that yesterday in Boston a municipal clerk magistrate dropped seven of 17 vandalism charges that police wanted to bring against Fairey. The reason was lack of evidence that it was Fairey who performed the vandalism. Given how easy it is for anybody to download his materials from the internet and put them up, the police …

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