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Breaking Bad Catch-Up

Am finally caught up on Breaking Bad post-vacation and wanted to do a brief post before I blow past the aired episodes and start watching next week’s. Spoiler alert for those of you who still haven’t watched:

More Talk About Shepard Fairey

Let’s finish that conversation with Jill Medvedow, director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, where the Shepard Fairey retrospective continues through Aug. 16.

LACAYO: There’s a presumption sometimes that business messages are legitimate even if the businesses haven’t paid for the canvas. Do advertisers have to buy …

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Greenhouse Rock! The '70s Return for Earth Day

I recently spent a week’s vacation home with my kids, who were off for spring break. That meant a lot of visits to museums and the like, which, if you are a parent, you know means repeated exposure to the message that they, you and the rest of humanity are a plague on the Earth. Aquariums, zoos, natural history museums—every visit …

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Judging American Idol: The Final 7 Do Disco

It was Disco Night on American Idol, in which we learned that Donna Summer was the most important musical artist of the 20th century, accounting for three of the seven performances. The threat of a double elimination tomorrow kept the singers on their toes. (I’m calling curtains for Lil and Matt, but Anoop could be in danger too.) And …

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Project Runway Sets a Date

Dust off the catwalk: Project Runway will make its debut on Lifetime August 20, the network announced today. The date is a bit curious—usually Runway seasons are timed to climax around spring and fall Fashion Week, but since this season’s final competition was held way back in spring Fashion Week, it’s not an issue this time.

Debuting …

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In Which I Do Not Review Caprica, But I Kind of Preview Glee

First rule of Tuned In: the amount of time that I take for vacation will be roughly equivalent to the amount of time thereafter making excuses for work that I have not done, because I was on vacation.

Therefore: I am not ready to review the pilot of BSG prequel Caprica—released today on DVD—because the preview screener came in …

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The Morning After: By the Dozen

Table for 12 is my new favorite of TLC’s big-family reality shows. It’s a little weird saying that you have a favorite big-family reality show, because it’s like saying that you like one family better than the others. Well, I’ll say it: I like Table for 12 because I like the Hayes family better than the others.

Of course, when I say I …

The Pulitzers

If you’re a magazine writer, you’re not eligible for the Pulitzers, which are strictly a newspaper prize. (Except obviously for books, plays and music.) So we magazine types regard them much the way that cats must look upon the Westminster Dog Show — nice show, other species. All the same I was gratified that this year the prize for …

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Susan Boyle: Bigger Than the Super Bowl?

Having been on vacation, I believe I am the last pop-culture writer in America not to have expressed an opinion about Susan Boyle. During the last week, the Britain’s Got Talent contestant has gone through a full-media cycle, and then some.

Like almost anyone else, I loved watching her TV-debut video, her silencing the sniggerers in the …

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