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Weekend Discord-Sowing

Because I am a sadist, I thought I’d leave you this weekend with a question I just threw out to my Twitter feed: What if both Chuck and Friday Night Lights were both on the bubble right now? Which of the two would you be pulling out the stops to defend?

Don’t tell me that there’s no reason you couldn’t campaign to keep both shows on …

The Rose Museum Bites Back

The unhappy board members of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis are still responding to the announcement last week by Brandeis Provost Marty Krauss that the university, which has been thinking of selling off some of the collection, will continue to operate the Rose as a museum — at least through the summer. Last week Jon Lee, the …

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Seinfeld Returns to TV in a Sitcom!

Not his own sitcom, mind you. And it’s on Starz. And it’s one episode. But someone at Alexandra Wentworth’s unscripted comedy Head Case pulled some strings and got Jerry Seinfeld to appear in the May 22 season finale of Head Case, in which Wentworth plays a therapist who treats celebrities.

This, by the way, is as good an excuse …

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Lostwatch: Not-Lostwatch Edition

If I were more enterprising, I would have edited together a “clip post” of previous Lostwatch posts to fill time until ABC airs a proper episode of Lost next week. But I didn’t, and if I had, you probably would have felt all cheated and bitter and sad, like I did when I watched the 15 minutes or so of last night’s Lost clip show that I …

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Saving Chuck: Don't Applaud, Throw Money

It has come to the point where I should probably write an open letter explaining why I have not written an open letter pleading with NBC not to cancel Chuck. It’s that time of year, and this spring TV critics and fans are weighing in with arguments to save Josh Schwartz’s funny, sweet, computer-sales-geek-turns-spy caper.

I …

Top 10 Troubled Genius Films

Hollywood seems incapable of making a movie about super smart or talented people without saddling them with emotional or mental problems. TIME looks at the best.

Marc Wilson To Step Down at the Nelson-Atkins

I was sorry to hear that Marc Wilson will be retiring next year as Director of the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and not just because he and his wife Elizabeth know where to find the best Chinese food in Kansas City. Of all the many museums to expand over the past decade or so, his was the one that did it most spectacularly. The luminous …

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ABC, Regis to Party Like It's 1999

In summer 1999, I had just started writing for Time magazine. A network publicist sent me a tape—we had tapes back then, kids, and a hamburger cost a nickel—for a British game show that ABC was about to air adapt. It was huge in the UK, she assured me. Pffft!, I thought. Like anybody’s going to watch that! And I went off to visit the

Tuned In Tuned In

Programming Note: Unhappy Lost Day!

PSA: Tonight’s Lost is a ripoff “catch-up” episode, so don’t wait up for a Lostwatch. Because I am a sucker, I will probably eventually watch anyway, and if there are any worthwhile nuggets I’ll post, but mainly I plan to gather my strength for the show’s season-ending run with 62 more minutes of valuable sleep.

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