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NBC Announces 2009-10 Lineup

NBC revealed its new 2009-10 shows a couple of weeks ago, but today the network announced when—at least for now—they’ll be running. Along with the return of Chuck, NBC is bringing back Law & Order to continue its marathon run. And between the Winter Olympics and The Jay Leno Show, fitting in its programming will involve a lot of …

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NBC Renews Subway; Also Chuck

I mentioned earlier that NBC had picked up Chuck for 13 episodes this season, but NBC just issued its official announcement, which is worth a separate post simply for the way NBC was able to keep the show around. It really was all about the sandwiches! (Well, that and slashing the show’s production budget. Update: Or not! On a conference …

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ABC's Fall-Schedule Announcement

ABC this morning released its 2009-10 schedule, with, as is the network’s wont, a whole scad of new shows. In returning-show news (most of which has already been out there): besides the obvious returning hits, Better Off Ted, Scrubs and Castle are returning. Also True Beauty—I know you were dying for True Beauty to come back. …

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The Morning After: Airport '09

It is an annual irony of a TV critic’s life that the networks program the most TV to watch in precisely the week that you have the least time to watch TV. This week, I’m busy with upfronts, which as always falls in the last week of the network season; thus, I’ll be TiVoing season finales and probably catching up on them well into …

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Fox's Upfront: Defenders of Television

Having gone to upfronts for years now, there’s a certain kind of presentation I’ve gotten used to. Network execs get up on stage and present a battery of statistics and selectively culled ratings to prove to advertisers that their dollar goes farther and their ads reach more people on Network X than any other network.

What was …

Renzo Piano Comes to Chicago

I spent the last five days In Chicago, poring over Renzo Piano’s super elegant addition to the Art Institute. When he gets it right, he gets it very right, and this is the best thing he’s done in the U.S. in years.

There was a lot to say about it, some of which I just said for Time here.

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Upfront Press Release Theater: Fox's Sked

Fox just issued its fall schedule; see after the jump for the full release.

Some highlights: So You Think You Can Dance becomes a fall show; Glee returns (as expected) in fall; Fringe moves to Thursday. The Cleveland Show, announced a year ago, gives Seth MacFarlane a ninety-minute block on Sundays. Dollhouse stays put (though it has …

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Programming Note: Upfronts Week

I’ll be spending much of the next few days at the network “upfronts,” in which Fox, The CW, ABC and CBS will present their next-season shows to advertisers in hopes of garnering the few remaining advertising dollars. (Cable upfronts have been held on and off over the past several weeks.) In between presentations, I’ll be on deadline …

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