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All Eyes on Conan—Including Yours?

Today, Conan O’Brien finally assumes the chair of The Tonight Show and begins a glorious three-month reign as NBC’s chief nightly talk-show host. Already the speculation is running hot as to whether can retain Jay Leno’s audience, as Jay himself gets ready to settle into the timeslot an hour and a half ahead of Conan in the fall.

Most …

Will This Mies be Missed Much?

One last post growing out of that Chicago trip. While I was there I spent the better part of an afternoon at the Illinois Institute of Technology, the school Mies van der Rohe took charge of in 1938, not long after he quit Germany for good. Part of what drew him there was an offer to design much of the campus the school now occupies. …

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Leno to America: Goodbye! I'm Not Going Anywhere!

“We’re not really leaving,” Jay Leno told the studio audience on his last Tonight Show. And he was right. So how do you throw yourself a goodbye when you’re not going anywhere? TV has a history of lugubrious farewells for longtime personalities, and while Jay Leno may not have stuck around as long as Johnny Carson, at 17 years, he’s …

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Will Ferrell Promotes Movie, Fails to Die of Frostbite

For obvious reasons, I usually pass up the chance to promote special guest appearances by people flogging their new movies, albums or other projects. But this is just too weird. Will Ferrell is promoting the upcoming Land of the Lost movie by doing an upcoming Very Special Episode of… Man vs. Wild:

I can’t wait until Bear Grylls …

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TV Tonight: See You Later, Jay. Or Actually, Sooner

Tonight, Jay Leno hosts his last Tonight Show. Last night, Prince and Billy Crystal saluted Jay, while he remembered some of his classic comedy bits. Question: does he really want to remind us of The Dancing Itos? In fact, watching the retrospective, I couldn’t help but think that a lot of that comedy would look awfully corny in the …

The Culture Crunch

The Great Recession may be slowly, slowly lifting — we hope — but most museums still find themselves in a serious pinch, and some of them in something worse. Las Vegas Art Museum: R.I.P.

If anything the hard times have been even harder in the performing arts, the theaters, orchestras, dance companies and so on that depend more …

Top 10 Jay Leno Moments

Never fear — Jay Leno isn’t going anywhere. But as he leaves The Tonight Show to start in a new, earlier slot, here’s a look back at 10 of the most memorable moments from his show.

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The Morning After: Goode or Badde?

Though I was disappointed with The Goode Family from the episodes I’d previewed, there was enough in it that I liked that I set up a season pass for it anyway. I ended up watching the pilot again last night, and I have to say: it still made me laugh. All the flaws were still there: the too-obvious P.C. jokes, the heavyhanded …

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