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ABC Learns to Hulu

ABC’s deal with Hulu begins today, starting with episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and continuing with new series unrolling throughout the month. And it’s about time. ABC still makes its series available through ABC.com, but I’ve always been irritated by that sites insistence on making me click to continue watching after the 30-second ads, and …

Talking With Yinka Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare, the London-based artist of Nigerian descent, was in New York recently to install his new retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum. While he was here we grabbed some lunch to talk about his background and his art. In this first part of the conversation we discuss the evolution of his best known works, the satires of …

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HBO's Next (I Hope) Great Drama

I didn’t end up watching a tremendous amount of TV on vacation, owing to (1) staying in a beach house without a DVD player, (2) it being the last week of June / first week of July (no Top Chef Masters? What gives?), (3) only being able to take so many Michael Jackson thanatopses, and (4) um, being on vacation.

I did read, though, and …

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The Morning After: While I Was Out

I’m back! Also, I was gone! In today’s The Morning After, I throw open discussion to many of the TV and media events that happened while I was on vacation, including but not limited to:

* Michael Jackson’s death continues to be news. Michael Jackson’s death will never stop being news. It is simply a permanent part of our culture now. …

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Vacation Robo-Poll: Office Politics

It’s Independence Day weekend, so here’s an historically appropriate last poll of the week: The British version of The Office or the American? Which is better and why? Brent or Scott? Tim/Dawn or Jim/Pam? Be ye patriot or Tory? 

Have fun, shoot off some fireworks, stir up some bitter trans-Atlantic rivalries, and I’ll see you next week.

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Vacation Robo-Poll: A La Carte

Before heading on vacation, I got into a Twitter exchange with Maureen Ryan over whether we’d pick HBO or Showtime if we could take only one. (My pick: HBO if the choice were for all time, Showtime [for Nurse Jackie] if it were this summer only.)

It’s a fun, often-asked question, but it also got me thinking. We’re getting to the point …

Sarah Jessica Parker — Queen of the Artworld?

I hadn’t heard much recently about the plan Sarah Jessica Parker announced last year to co-produce a Top Chef-style artists’ competition show for cable TV. I thought the slump in the art market, and the attendant downward plummet of the Artworld Glamor Index, might mean that the whole idea had gone away. But it turns out that things …

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