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The Morning After: TC, SYTYCD, AGT


For today’s Morning After, a look at the night in reality TV: 

1. I’m saving Top Chef Masters to watch tonight. But because it was on, and because it featured Neil Patrick Harris—who will host the Emmys and should be on all television shows—feel free to discuss in the comments. 

Tuned In Tuned In

How Do We Look?

Tuned In’s design has changed, as you may have inferred from the fact that you are looking at it. Look around, kick the tires, and tell me what you think in the shiny new comments section. Loudly!

Among the new features (I’m still discovering new ones myself): 

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Sacha Baron Cohen Is… Himself!

On Late Show, David Letterman interviewed Sacha Baron Cohen, star of Brüno. What’s significant here is that he interviewed Baron Cohen, and not Brüno. In the past, as when he was promoting Borat and Da Ali G Show, Baron Cohen has preferred to be interviewed as his character.

Some journalists don’t have a problem with that. I do. I …

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Luck, Be a Ladle: Top Chef Vegas Sets a Date

If you follow the careers of celebrity chefs, or just like to gamble, you know that one of the surest steps in a successful career is opening a satellite restaurant in Las Vegas. So it’s only fitting that the next installment of Top Chef will take place in Sin City, and today Bravo announced a premiere date, August 26. Excerpts from the …

The Euphronios Krater: Home Alone

An interesting piece by Michael Kimmelman in the New York Times today. The single most important ancient work to be returned to Italy by the Metropolitan Museum during the Great War over looted antiquities was the Euphronios krater, a 6th century B.C. terra cotta vessel painted by Euphronios, for which the Met paid $1 million in 1972, …

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The Morning After: Syfydelity

A lot of critics like myself have had our fun with Sci Fi channel’s changing its name to (the more trademark-defensible) Syfy, which kicked in yesterday. But in the long run, it doesn’t really matter. We’ll get used to it. We have a channel named Spike, for God’s sake. And do I really have a place pointing fingers at funny names? …

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One Last Big (Yet Moving) Show for Michael

The coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial began early on cable news this morning, with nonstop helicopter video footage from a “private” ceremony for Jackson’s family, while commentators vamped for time and guessed at what was going on behind closed doors.

It was symbolically fitting: Jackson, after all, spent most of his life in the …

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