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The 1960s and the Future at AMC's Party

AMC threw a cocktail party at the TV critics’ press tour last night. Was there a theme? Well, when you’re the maker of Mad Men, cocktails are the theme. It takes care of itself.

The network, which a few years ago you would have confused with the maker of the 1970s’ classic Pacer and Gremlin, is the belle of the ball now, at least with …

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The Morning After: Big Love

Last night, Fox debuted More to Love, the dating show in which a plus-sized man sought a date from a bevy of plus-sized beauties. Like many reality shows, its premise scandalized some people before the show even aired; as in many such instances, the reality was much more tame. More to Love does not seem to be interested in making fun of …

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CNN's Klein on Dobbs and Birthers

At TV press tour, there are the things networks want to talk about and the things you want to ask them about. CNN president Jon Klein wanted to talk about John King, Christiane Amanpour and Soledad O’Brien, who joined him on stage to promote, respectively, State of the Union, a new international-news show and the documentary Latino in …

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FX Pins a New Badge on Olyphant

Right now at the TV critics’ press tour, Joy Behar is on stage, announcing her new HLN talk show (because she has gone too long without a forum for her opinions). But I’d rather tell you about the fact that FX has picked up Lawman, an Elmore Leonard adaptation with Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood’s Sheriff Bullock) as a U.S. marshal, for …

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Lost, NBC Try to Rewrite History

Little time to blog this morning, but I’ll start you off with some discussion topics:

* I’m still not sure how seriously to take all the videos at the Lost Comic-Con panel, but having seen some of it so far (the hotel wifi was not being entirely co-operative), they’re at least thought-provoking. Several of the vids suggest that we’re …

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Programming Note

I’m traveling and on assignment for the next couple of days, so don’t expect too much blogging Monday or Tuesday. Try to be strong. For the children’s sake.

Actually, this begins a weird several weeks for me, so here’s a quick overview of what to expect, or not:

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The Morning After: Comic Drama

I’m heading West for a few days at the Television Critics’ Association summer press tour (more on that in a bit), so you have the place to yourselves for today. While I’m en route, feel free to talk over any of the weekend’s TV: Hung, True Blood, the stunning final installment of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Also for your perusal, a …

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Dead Tree Alert: One More Doll in the House

In this week’s print TIME, I give a brief endorsement to the upcoming season one DVD of Dollhouse (along with that of the British Life on Mars), which comes out next week.

Normally when I review a series DVD, I focus on the series itself first and any extras secondarily, if at all. But the extras on the Dollhouse DVD are …

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The Morning After: Ten Percenters

I’ll avoid spoilers for the penultimate episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth. Those of you who’ve watched know what they are, and at this point my memory and notes of the fourth and fifth episodes blur together (I didn’t take notes with the plan of doing individual reviews), so I want to make sure I don’t accidentally spoil anything …

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Comic-Con Roundup: Bigger, Bloggier

Today marks my first full day of not being at Comic-Con. But a lot of other people are. A whole lot of other people are. Below, some early reports from some of my favorite people, many of which emphasize how damn many people are there, and make sitting in my lonely office seem that much more appealing:

* TIME’s Lev Grossman has filed

And Our Friends Were All On Board

Heinz Edelmann, the German graphic artist who was art director of the animated Beatles film Yellow Submarine, died this week in Stuttgart at 75. Oddly it was only a few weeks ago, while I was writing about the James Ensor show at MoMA, that I had been thinking about that movie and the whole question of how pop culture influences …

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