Top 10 John Hughes Moments

From Pretty in Pink to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, John Hughes, who died Aug. 6 at age 59, owned the 1980s teen comedy. TIME takes a look back at his greatest moments

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Today's TCA Roundup

As the TV critics’ press tour continued in Pasadena, CBS (along with sibling network The CW) wrapped up its presentations and NBC has just begun its portion. Some headlines:

* NBC’s Angela Bromstad answered—or judging by early press reactions, evaded—questions about Jay Leno, Ben Silverman, Kings, Paula Abdul, Chuck and more at …

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What's Eating Michael Pollan?

Reading Michael Pollan can be as intimidating as it is informative. He’d like you to stop eating so much meat and corn and eat more fruits and vegetables. No, not processed ones, fresh ones. No, not those fresh ones, the locally grown ones, over there. You know, actually, it’d be even better if you grew them yourself. Oh, also, why don’t …

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Kate Plus 8, Jon Plus Cabinets

If you’ve never done it before, trust me: a home renovation can stress out even a strong marriage. And Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage—well, you already know. So when the first post-separation-announcement Jon & Kate Plus 8 began by flashing back to January, when the couple decided to get their kitchen redone, you had to know it would …

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Press Tour Roundup: CBS Makes a Deal

I’m back in New York, but TCA press tour continues, with the various TV critics/reporters slogging through two straight weeks of it (plus, in many cases, Comic-Con). Highlights from some of their reports, as CBS began the broadcast section of press tour today:

* Ken Tucker arrived at press tour just as I was leaving, …

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