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Vacation Robo-Post: What Does NBC Mean to You?

One thing that has struck me before, and struck me again a few weeks ago when Ben Silverman stepped down from NBC, is how personally TV fans take NBC’s screw-ups—in a way they don’t seem to with any other broadcast network.

If CBS puts on a goofy reality show, people will mock; but when NBC makes I’m a Celebrity or Momma’s Boys, it’s …

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Programming Note

Next week, I will be researching the television habits of Midwestern female viewers outside the 18-to-49 demographic (a.k.a. “On vacation, visiting my mom”). I have dragged Robo-James out of the broom closet to keep the lights on while I’m gone. (I’ll probably be tweeting, because while my mom’s house doesn’t have Internet, a satellite …

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TCA Roundup: NBC and Fox

In Pasadena, the summer TV critics’ press tour is getting close to wrapping up, and with a vacation looming—yes, that’s Robo-James you hear warming up—this may be the last tour-news roundup I post. A few last tidbits:

* Friday Night Lights is returning to NBC, but possibly not until summer—and no Tyra until season 5.

* NBC didn’t …

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John Hughes, R.I.P.

It’s not a TV moment, exactly, but an attention-must-be paid moment for pop-culture geeks of my generation (and maybe others): director John Hughes has died of a heart attack at age 59.

The Breakfast Club, actually, figures heavily in Dan Harmon’s pilot for Community, the comedy debuting on NBC next month. And really it’s become a sort …

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Post-Paula, Idol to Load Up on Judges Again

When Paula Abdul announced that she was leaving American Idol, I posted that it was not a good idea for either Abdul or Idol. (If, that is, Abdul actually leaves the show at all.) But thinking about it later, I realized that it had one side benefit: it would solve one of last season’s problems, which was that four judges were simply too …

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