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The Morning After: Eight Is Too Much

This is not something a good TV critic likes to admit, but I made liberal use of the fast-forward button watching last night’s special Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage. I have an excuse, in that I had a Top Chef writeup to do, but also enough of the show was devoted to Suleman’s unhinged 911 calls that I could blessedly speed

The Lost Weekend?

Here’s another of those stories that got started while I was on vacation but has many twists and turns to come. A few weeks ago the Los Angeles County Museum of Art announced that starting in October it would be “suspending” its longtime weekend film program, in order to “rethink” it, which sounded like an euphemism for sweeping it …

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TV Tonight (and Tomorrow): Knives vs. Needles!

Tonight, Top Chef returns to Bravo, with season 6, set in Las Vegas. Tomorrow, the show’s estranged big sibling, Project Runway, returns after a long, litigation-induced absence, on a new network (Lifetime) and with new producers.

My headline aside, it’s not like anyone has to choose between the two shows, which the networks had the …

A Talk With: The New Head of Crystal Bridges

If you follow the arts you already know that the Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton has a museum-in-progress in Bentonville, Ark., where her father, Sam Walton, opened his first retail store in 1951. On Monday her Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which is still under construction, announced a new director. Don Bacigalupi, presently …

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Robert Novak Dies at Age 78

Robert Novak, the political columnist and longtime TV pundit, has died of brain cancer. I’m not going to claim to have been a big fan–of his politics, I’ll admit, but also of the style of TV confrontation he and others plied–but I was a big watcher of his, for years. And the man who “relished his ‘Prince of Darkness’ public persona,” …

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The End of TV As We Know It?

There’s a fascinating read in The Wrap by Joe Adalian, about the theory by columnist and NPR host Bob Garfield, in his book The Chaos Scenario, that the broadcast TV model is going to collapse. In a nutshell, advertisers are going to wise up and stop paying more for fewer viewers, starting a spiral of cheaper programming and …

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