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Corporate Press Release Theater: MTV Adopts Warren the Ape

Greg the Bunny was a weird, highly funny inside-showbiz comedy on Fox in 2002, starring Seth Green, Sarah Silverman and numerous puppets. It was soon canceled, but never managed to completely die, later living on in a series of short movie parodies on the IFC channel. Now MTV is bringing back what may have been my favorite Greg the …

The Art of (Reclaiming a) Painting

Over the weekend the Austrian culture ministry announced that the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna is facing an attempt to reclaim one of its most important works, Vermeer’s The Art of Painting — or as it’s also known, The Allegory of Painting — which has been at the museum since 1946.

It’s already a picture with a fraught history.

Glenn Beck: Closet Communist?

The Los Angeles Times art critic Christopher Knight has a hilarious (and perfectly valid) follow-up today on Glenn Beck’s recent attempt to draw sinister inferences of fascist and communist content in the 30s-era artwork around Rockefeller Center. I posted about Beck’s tirade just before I disappeared last week on a long work trip. …

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The Morning After: Hot Shot

So we’ve developed a mini-ritual of watching a little of the U.S. Open with the Tuned In Jrs. before bed. Last night, we started watching the beginning of the Federer match on TiVo. Meanwhile, I checked my Twitter feed, where people were Twittering in real time about Federer having having made an amazing shot at the end of the match. We …

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JPTV: My Media Blitz

Unless the producers come to their senses, I will be appearing on CNN’s Reliable Sources Sunday morning, around 10:40 a.m. ET, to talk about Jay Leno and possibly some other media things. And Monday morning I’ll be on the Today show, somewhere in the second hour (I’m told 8:18 a.m. ET, seriously), to talk about Jay Leno and possibly some …

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