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Movies, Twitter and Community, After Aurora’s Dark Night

A few thoughts on the massacre in Aurora:

This atrocity would be horrible in any circumstances. What makes it even more heartbreaking is where it happened: opening night of the summer’s biggest movie, one of the few joyous, communal gatherings left in our society. Knowing that everyone in that theater, adults and kids, went in feeling …

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PBS, You Don’t Need to Protect Us From Fred Willard

So as you may have heard, legendary comic actor Fred Willard was arrested in an LA porn theater (in related news: there are still porn theaters) for a “lewd act.” Let’s leave aside the fact that arresting people for lewd behavior in porno houses is akin to arresting people for drinking in bars. (Do habitues of prom porn theaters actually …

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Jerry Seinfeld’s New Web Series: Java, Jalopies and Jokes

Web series have famously become an outlet for creators for whom it affords opportunities and freedom of expression that they can’t get in traditional media—Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl. But now the Web has also attracted the attention of stars who have all the freedom and attention they need. Tom Hanks went …

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Dead Tree Alert: Don’t Fear the Spoiler

In roughly another week, the Olympics begin. And since they will be taking place several hours ahead of any U.S. time zone, will be streamed live online by NBC (at least for anyone with cable or satellite) and will be reported on instantly via Web and social media, they’ll undoubtedly be greeted by the signal cry of the Internet era: …

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