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Breaking Bad Watch: Learning from the Master

Spoilers for last night’s Breaking Bad coming up after the jump:

Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad was anchored by three remarkable monologues, by Walt, Jesse and Skyler. Each was styled as a confession of sorts: one true, one containing a lie, and one false, but revealing an uncomfortable truth in the process.

Breaking Bad Watch: Green Light

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers for last night’s Breaking Bad follow.

Now we wait. As last week’s episode, “One Minute,” blew up the storyline of the vengeful cousins and threw Walter’s family into crisis, it left us, with him, to go …

The Morning After: Glee-I-Y Edition

Between a late night last night, catchup posts this morning, and a visit to the Boardwalk Empire set this afternoon (I know: poor me!), I’m not going to have time to catch up on last night’s Glee, so you can do it for me. After the first three episodes of the spring season, I have a few issues, but the big ones can be summed up as: …

Breaking Bad Watch: "Family Is All"

Warning: Spoilers for last night’s Breaking Bad:

The title of last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, “One Minute,” applies to both the horrifying first sequence of the episode and the terrifying final sequence of the episode. …

HBO Adds to Stable With Milch, Mann Horse Drama

David Milch is back in business with HBO, this time writing Luck, a drama pilot, to be directed by Michael Mann, about horse racing. There’s no guarantee that the pilot will become a series—since making Deadwood and John from Cincinnati, Milch made the HBO cop pilot Last of the Ninth, which never made it to series. But Milch, who’s …

Vacation Robo-Post: What Are You Looking Forward to in 2010?

I may be on vacation, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not working. Depending on how you define “work.” As I write this, I’m already looking at a tall stack of screeners to watch for midseason 2010 (including Big Love, 24 and Chuck for January). And there’s quite a roster of high-profile new projects for 2010 already. After the jump, I …

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