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The Sing-Off Names New, Super-Sized Cast

Because Tuned In aims to be your one-stop source of information on The Most Important Show on Television, The Sing-Off, I wanted to get you the list of the 16 competing groups for the new, longer version of the a cappella competition that will air starting in September.

The main distinguishing feature of the list is its size, the …

TV Showrunners and Twitter: Too Much Exposure?

Until recently, Kurt Sutter ran two ongoing shows: FX’s Sons of Anarchy and his Twitter feed. The former is a drama about the brutal lives of a California biker gang, entering its fourth season on FX this fall. The latter was Sutter’s unfiltered, or at least minimally filtered, stream of consciousness, about his show, the creative …

Breaking Bad Watch: Road Trip!

SPOILER ALERT: Before you read this post, open another bottle of wine and watch last night’s Breaking Bad.

As TV dramas advance in years, they tend to get crowded. There are more characters, more storylines and often an …

Louie Watch: Self, Love

Last night’s double-shot of Louie was an example of a recurring structure of season two Louie episodes, and an unusual one for a sitcom. Louie is going about his business—work, life—and comes across another person. They talk. They just… talk. For a long time. And then the conversation goes in a direction you would not expect it to.

Team Loco Alert: TBS Cancels Lopez Tonight

After two years–and a move from 11 p.m. to midnight to make room for Conan O’Brien–TBS is canceling George Lopez’s talk show, Lopez Tonight. The last show is tomorrow, so it’s going to be a busy 24 hours of finale writing.

I can’t say I’ve watched the show extensively in recent months, but Lopez fans could look at this from a few …

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