Top 10 Disney Controversies

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was the first to feature a black heroine, but the film still raised some eyebrows. The studio is no stranger to controversy—here are 10 scandals from its past.

Top 10 Cameron Crowe Moments

Cameron Crowe has an ability to combine images and pop music like few other directors. TIME assesses the finest work from his back catalog.

Top 10 Troubled Genius Films

Hollywood seems incapable of making a movie about super smart or talented people without saddling them with emotional or mental problems. TIME looks at the best.

Top 10 Newspaper Movies

Most of the time, journalism is not that exciting (trust us, we know). But these movies do a superb job of making the business look glamorous, dangerous and fun.

Top 10 Jesus Films

As secular as Hollywood is, the entertainment industry recognizes the dramatic impact, and box office lure, of Jesus’ tale. TIME scanned a century of Messiah movies.

Top 10 Movie Bromances

There is a long line of movies that celebrate one of life’s most vital relationships: A dude and his best buddy.

1950s Sci-Fi Movies

Cold War fears made the 1950s a golden era for paranoid science-fiction flicks. TIME looks back at the decade’s best outer-space and nuclear-monster movies.

Top 10 Biopics

As Clint Eastwood’s new film on the life of J. Edgar Hoover hits movie screens, TIME looks back at 80-plus years of films “based on the life of…”

Top 10 Bond Gadgets

In his last two films—Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale—James Bond has drifted away from his gizmo-filled days of yore. TIME looks at four decades of 007’s best doohickies.

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