Top 10 Sundance Hits

As the 2012 Sundance film festival kicks off, TIME’s Richard Corliss reflects on more than three decades worth of hits from the indie conclave.

Top 10 Movie Gimmicks

Australian director Baz Lurhmann recently hinted that he was considering filming The Great Gatsby in 3D, a format that has become a reliable cash cow for the movie industry. TIME looks at other Hollywood attempts to rack in extra …

Top 10 Movie Dance Scenes

Dance involves movement across space and time—something that the cinema does very well. TIME presents the most memorable dance scenes in film history.

Top 10 Train Movies

Trains—both deluxe and down-market—have served as prime cinematic locales. TIME takes a look at the best locomotive-heavy films.

Top 10 Hollywood Remakes

Many Americans can’t be bothered to watch foreign films. The subtitles, you know. Luckily, Hollywood is always ready to jump in with an unnecessary remake. TIME picks the best of the bunch.

Top 10 Movie Rereleases

George Lucas isn’t the only filmmaker guilty of giving audiences alternate versions of his movies. TIME takes a look at other cinematic reintroductions.

Top 10 Killer-Animal Movies

Movies have constantly taught us that animals want nothing more than to hurt, devour and take us down. TIME takes a look at cinema’s most memorable angry creature flicks.

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