The Morning After: Your SATC Reviews

We don’t usually discuss movie openings in The Morning After, but then again, film adaptions of TV series don’t usually gross $55 million in their opening weekends. Clearly somebody out there saw Sex and the City, so after the jump I have a few extra (very spoilery) thoughts about the movie (which I left out of my review for said …

Dead Tree Alert: Sex Sex Sex!

In this week’s print Time, I joined in the summer arts preview, which you might recognize as pretty much the summer arts preview that ran on In addition, I reviewed the Sex and the City movie, filling in for Time movie critic Richard Corliss, who was in Cannes when the review needed to close for the magazine. (Tough life.) My …

SATC Spoils Itself

So yesterday I saw the new Sex and the City movie. I was hesitant to blog much about it, partly because I didn’t want to pre-empt my review in the print Time, partly because I was still figuring out how much information I could blab without spoiling the movie. New Line has been particularly sensitive about press spoilers, perhaps because …

Generation Kill: Are You Ready to Iraq?

That screening I mentioned having attended last week, by the way? Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. It was a non-critics’ screening, so I’m going to behave and not “review” it here. (One thing: Neal Patrick Harris + unicorn!) But I will venture a prediction. Whether you love its brand of pot humor or hate it, it will have the …

Top 25 Important Movies On Race

In honor of Black History Month, TIME critic Richard Corliss surveys nearly a century of cinema, and reflects on 25 defining works that broke down the walls of intolerance on the big screen

The 10 Best Coen Brothers Moments

The Coen Brothers return with the thriller No Country for Old Men, starring Javier Bardem as a psycho killer, Tommy Lee Jones as a saintly sheriff, and Josh Brolin as a man on the run. A look back at the Coens’ best movie moments.

Top 25 Horror Movies

From silent vampires to animated murders to sharks that won’t die, TIME chronicles the best from more than a century’s worth of big-screen scares

80 Years of Robots in Hollywood

Movies robots aren’t just mindless automatons. They can often be metal marvels with their own charismatic personalities. TIME looks at cinema’s long tradition of smart silver screen machines.

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