Top 10 Comeback Movies

Mickey Rourke’s critically acclaimed role in The Wrestler is just the latest in a long line of Hollywood comebacks. TIME looks at the most memorable.

1950s Sci-Fi Movies

Cold War fears made the 1950s a golden era for paranoid science-fiction flicks. TIME looks back at the decade’s best outer-space and nuclear-monster movies.

Top 10 Biopics

As Clint Eastwood’s new film on the life of J. Edgar Hoover hits movie screens, TIME looks back at 80-plus years of films “based on the life of…”

Top 10 Bond Gadgets

In his last two films—Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale—James Bond has drifted away from his gizmo-filled days of yore. TIME looks at four decades of 007’s best doohickies.

Top 10 Movie Presidents

Some of the cinema’s greatest actors have portrayed the Commander-in-Chief. TIME looks at the most notable performances.

Top 10 CIA Movies

Ever notice how movies like Safe House almost always make the Central Intelligence Agency the bad guy? TIME looks back at some of the most memorable flicks starring the secretive organization.

Top 10 Dog Movies

From killer dogs to show dogs, TIME takes a look back at cinema’s most memorable pooch flicks.

Font of Youth: How is Obama Like Target?

This weekend I watched the DVD of last year’s documentary Helvetica, which is, yes, about the typeface, and which is—really, I’m serious—absolutely fascinating. The movie directly relates to Mrs. Tuned In’s job, which involves graphic design, but if you ever have the chance to watch it, it has lessons for Tuned Inland too: namely, …

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