Top 10 Movie Sidekicks

There’s the hero and then there’s the less heralded but equally awesome friend. TIME takes a look at some of cinema’s best wingmen.

Top 10 Oscar-Nomination Snubs

The list of movie greats who never won an Academy Award is long and sad, but there are significant artists and pictures eliminated from contention before Oscar races even begin. Here are 10 classics the Academy ignored

Top 10 James Cameron Moments

James Cameron’s Avatar, which hits theaters across the U.S. Dec. 18, is the notoriously difficult director’s first film in more than 10 years. In honor of its release, TIME takes a look back at Cameron’s oeuvre to pick out the …

Top 10 Disney Controversies

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was the first to feature a black heroine, but the film still raised some eyebrows. The studio is no stranger to controversy—here are 10 scandals from its past.

Top 10 Cameron Crowe Moments

Cameron Crowe has an ability to combine images and pop music like few other directors. TIME assesses the finest work from his back catalog.

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