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James Poniewozik writes TIME magazine's Tuned In column, about pop culture and society. Tuned In, the blog version, is about the stuff we used to call "TV," whether it's in your living room, on your computer or - once the networks figure out the technology and line up the advertisers - in your dreams themselves.

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How to Fix the Oscars (Yeah, Right)

The premise of this post is flawed. Because it’s pretty clear that the Academy doesn’t want to fix the Oscars, isn’t it? It wants them to run for three hours and 52 minutes. It wants them to be dull and self-indulgent. And it wants you to shut up and sit there and remember how much you love the movies, dammit, before rushing out the next …

Tuned In Tuned In

Lostwatch: Jack's on Vacation, and So Am I

SPECIAL LOSTWATCH NOTE: Since I’m still not officially on the company clock, I’m going to keep this brief. You want detailed analysis, you’ll need to pay a special premium fee. Put a quarter in the slot on your computer, and the Internet will send it to me.

* A bit of a blah, going-nowhere episode, presumably meant to set up a …

Tuned In Tuned In

Cramming 30 Seconds of Comedy into a Half Hour

Finally caught up with The 1/2 Hour News Hour, Fox News’ experiment in conservative political comedy produced by Joel Surnow, executive producer of laff riot 24. And while I wasn’t surprised to see that the show was as limp as the YouTube leaked clips suggested, I was surprised that it was as dated as most of it was. I mean, jokes about …

Tuned In Tuned In

Tuned In Takes a Holiday

I’m on vacation this week. I’ll probably post occasionally, because I’m a sad, lonely man who needs the attention.

In the meantime, why not entertain yourselves by fighting with each other in the Comments section? I’ll start you off. The Office–are you on Team Pam or Team Karen? I say Beesly had her chance and Jim needs to move on. Have at it!

Tuned In Tuned In

Officewatch: A Work of Art

Has there been a better episode of The Office this year than last night’s? (I’d ask if there had been a better episode of any sitcom this year, but that would be redundant.) The show worked on so many levels, used so many characters well, hit so many different notes of comedy and pathos that it’s almost as if it were showing …

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