Remembering John Candy: His Career in Photos

A look back at some of the Canadian actor’s most memorable roles on the 20th anniversary of his passing

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On, August, 8, 2014

I wish to thank you for “The Second City specializes in sketch comedy and improv and has been delighting audiences for over 50 years. We have resident companies in Chicago and Toronto as well as National Touring Companies and casts on NCL cruises. We have comedy shows seven nights a week on our stages; the shows consist of short scenes, songs, and improvised comedy sketches.”

I was in Edmonton Centre and found “The basic premise of SCTV was modeled on a television station in the fictional city of Melonville. Rather than broadcast the usual TV rerun fare, the business, run by the greedy Guy Caballero (Joe Flaherty);” in a parking lot looking his usual cool and well. 

During my time enjoying this zany TV series I was sitting next to another Champion Mr. Wally A. West with the entire Advertising and Public Relations Community Program to analyze and Review a remarkable Comic film! The rare film is a debut on Christmas and returning home for warm dine! 

Director Mr. John Wilden Hughes, Jr.; was a friend of Our fury Grand Master and we viewed the Premiere Opening!!  With flashlights reading we wrote embellishment all positve!  As a young writer Mr. West graded me a “B;” and wish to re-write an Outline for both men!! 

Two great talents also starred with great reason: “Mr. Steve Martin and Mr. John Candy!!  The number #1 reason is community involvement off the acting Guild and really care about humor for all ages!!

Now here is my Second Adaption:


“Holy Toledo, this is going to be a great blockbuster film.” 

“That’s a scorcher Cineplex.” 

Mr. Stan Huston was arguing these lines as two sexy top ladies entered the motion picture cabinet. 

Mr. Huston was ‘bitter;’ on backing until two American ‘top’ in investment introduced a new motion picture category!  They (Mr. Steve Martin and Mr. John Candy!) licked lolly-pops stating:  “we use these things in Hungary – too!!”  Mr. Martin stated:  We can cool, ‘that-there-Movie;’ with REAL FINANCIAL BACK OLDE BOY.”

Mr. John Candy retorted “I find your girls pretty, here too.”

Two Hungarian “girls;” aged 18, stated to ‘dance;’ the Charta; moving their hips near two pipe smoking men not – amused!!  Stan smiled opening a Cigar case and stated:  Well, I like my smoke too and burned a Irish version calling the pretty daughters away!  He studied these sound Americans and asked with what damn backing can I earn better than in my land?

The two men smiled and drew more smoke towards the wry Hungarian!!  And stated:  PARAMOUNT.

The next Scene:  The next up-coming Movie ‘The West Berlin Horse;’ was not called-off; yet had the demure of an English SCENE.

Here, mademoiselles; lingered eating apple pie; naked. 

Mr. Candy stated:  “Hey Honey!  Leave me I’m a Married man.” 

And dressed in strong orange; the men left Mr. Huston, very angry!

The reason “they” wore orange was to determine if Paramount was involved with “swindling.”

They farted,   Mr. Steve Martin as Ted Byrnes Mr. John Candy as John Applebaum left in glee.


Sometimes I think we give "fat" too much credit in comedy. 


He was one of my favorite actors of all time.  A funny man and a real talent.  He is sorely missed. :(


No Uncle Buck? What's up with that!