The Value of This Year’s Oscars Gift Bag Has Just Shot Up to $85,000

All Academy Award nominees get the bag, whether they win a statuette or not

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Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Oscar statuettes lined-up backstage at last year's ceremony. This year all nominees will receive an $85,000 gift bag, whether they take home a statuette or not

No nominees will leave empty-handed from the Oscars. Marketing company Distinctive Assets has made sure of that with its $85,000 “Everyone Wins at the Oscars Nominee Gift Bag.”

Packed with goodies like a $15,000 walking tour of Japan, $5,000 worth of hair removal and cosmetic surgery, designer lollipops, pepper spray guns and a $2,700 procedure that claims to help a woman’s sex drive, this year’s gift bag racks up to twice the value of last year’s giveaway.

A Distinctive Assets spokesperson told Business Insider that companies have become increasingly interested in providing products to the bag, as it has gained attention among celebrities and in the press.



there was a commercial to text to 515151 for a chance to win some of the oscar bags.

I couldn't remember what to text, just the number  Can you tell me what to put in the text?