Watch Beyoncé’s Very Steamy and NSFW “Partition” Video

And here's where we mention the NSFW part again

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On the heels of “XO,” Beyoncé goes properly XXX in her video for “Partition,” which is now (finally) streaming on Vevo.

The steamy track gives gawkers a peek into the intimate side of Bey’s marriage to Jay Z. If you thought their Grammy performance was too hot to handle, you’ll want to take a cold shower in Siberia after watching this video, which features Beyoncé performing a striptease on a piano and giving viewers a whole new way to think about the word “peaches.”

Note to the wise (and employed): You may not want to watch this clip at work, unless your cubicle has a, um, partition.

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Need to keep that mess in the bedroom because alls this junk does is pervert our kids. Guaranty you the majority of views on youtube are coming from underage teens. How great is that? And did they really have to rehash the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal? I guess so... because 20 years later there’s a whole lot of new teens who need to think that was cool! What’s really going on?