Ralph Waite, Patriarch Of TV series ‘The Waltons,’ Dies at 85

Actor leaves a wife, two daughters and a stepson

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Ralph Waite, who played the father in "The Waltons" television series, has passed away

In the 1970’s millions of American viewers got to know Ralph White as the patriarch in the popular television series The Waltons, and in recent years younger viewers got to know him through the CBS hit NCIS.

On Thursday he passed away, at age 85, in his home in Palm Desert in California.

According to a friend who arrived at the house for a lunch date but was met by ambulances and Waite’s wife, the reason of his death was a “tired heart”.

Former and current colleagues have been reacting to the announcement of Ralph Waite’s passing with sadness, People reports. He leaves his wife, two daughters and a stepson.