Courtney Love Has A Web Series Called #CourtneyOn, and It Is Awe-Inspiring

Nirvana's Dave Grohl and HSN's Nancy Grace are discussed

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Courtney Love is now a hashtag. While the world waits with bated breath for a Hole reunion, Love has teamed up with entertainment conglomerate Endemol to launch a new web series called #CourtneyOn.

“I’ve said ‘no’ so many times to doing lame TV shows over the years. But then along came the digital world to disrupt everything,” Love said on her new YouTube channel’s page. “There are so many cool things happening in web culture right now that I love—from all the weird and fringy stuff, to the fun over the top personalities of YouTube vloggers.”

Love promises that her series will tackle topics that she is passionate about, including “cool fashion chick’s videos,” “makeup tutorials,” “amazing discoveries in new music and art from all over the world” and “the wild world of YouTube.”

Topics thus far have included Nancy Grace, the perils of stage diving, lingerie, the Kardashians, her on-going feud with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl, her love of chanting and her so-called Twibel lawsuit — and that’s just in the introduction to the series.

#CourtneyOn fittingly premieres on Love Day, known to the rest of the world as Valentine’s Day. (But let’s face it — Feb. 14 is all about Courtney.)

Watch now:

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It's much ado about nothing, so far, unless you're a die-hard Courtney Love freak. 95% of her fans are loner teen girls or gay men. Not that it matters; overall, it's still a relatively tiny number of fans. Have a great life! I am. ;D