The Best of Everything at the Grammy Awards Red Carpet

These awards have nothing to do with the music and everything to do with the style

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mission accomplished. so I'm watching its always sunny in philadelphia, and playing the radio in the hotel room at the Suburban lodge, my stepmom brought over some groceries and shoes i had left at their house last night, it was awful rainy and cold, so.....

I get on thye phone in Seattle Washington and I get on the local quest chat number here in Orlando where I am....i'm saying that my travel expenses amount towards the same as the cost of a week in a cheap hotel here.

Booze, pills, exciting vehicles, shopping, awesome jobs, jons....and some peoples repetitiousness that lasts as long as the unfun and worrisome wreck of a loaded gun trembling fingers, unstable scrutiny....porcelien hugging, real ignitions and tires....plots plots plots......endorsements of superfictitious relative nepotism there there enabling...nonsexual comfort....etcetera...been there done that, peter pan syndrome....immaturity...and so on.


old hos grey whiskers, chincs and other dudes and pubes.