NBC Announces Peter Pan for Next Live Production

Will air in December, following successful viewership of 'The Sound of Music'

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NBC has acquired the rights to air Peter Pan as its next live production, the network announced Sunday.

Peter Pan will be broadcast on Dec. 4, and will bring back Sound of Music producers and Broadway veterans Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite a $9 million price tag and 18-month-long production, the December airing of The Sound of Music, starring Carrie Underwood, brought in 18.6 million viewers, in addition to advertising and ancillary revenue. NBC can re-air it for free for the next 10 years.

A second live production could be produced more efficiently, said NBC’s entertainment chairman.

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Before it butchers other classics, NBC should think long and hard about how it will air Peter Pan.  While Sound of Music was successful by measure of dollars, it was widely panned by critics as a shadow of the original (even NBC's own Saturday Night Live panned it).

Quite frankly, I would prefer it if NBC was not as "efficient" in presenting the classics.  It would be better to put in the time and resources to plan a masterful rendition than a mediocre showing that resembles a high school play.

Just food for thought...


Oh, spare us. Maybe this time they'll hire someone who can sing and act as the lead. While the TV version starring Mary Martin was definitely flawed, I hope this one isn't worse. How much money would they take to NOT ever air that Sound of Music ever again? I'll happily donate.


For it's time, the Mary Martin production of Peter Pan was great to watch.  Even as an adult, I still have fond memories singing along as a child, and actually believing that she was flying across the stage.  For a kid, it was a thing of wonder.

I definitely agree with your sentiment about re-airing the NBC version of the Sound of Music - "thank you, no!"