Kanye West Investigated In Battery Case

Victim allegedly badmouthed West's fiancee Kim Kardashian

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Beverly Hills police are investigating rapper Kanye West for battery, according to a statement released Monday.

While the exact cause for the assault is unconfirmed, sources told TMZ and People that West got physical after the alleged victim directed offensive language, including the n-word, at fiancé Kim Kardashian.

This isn’t the first time West has been investigated for assault and battery. He has been involved in altercations with paparazzi at Los Angeles International twice; one case is pending, and the other was resolved following completion of anger management classes. He was also arrested in the UK for a similar incident.


Doesn't Iraq need fighting men? 

Only problem is that Kanye probably could not pass the tests required to be admitted to any military, even Iraq's. He would especially have problems with the mental aptitude portion.


West thinks he can hit anyone he wants, because he keeps on getting away with it. This time he may not unless he pays the victim off before charges are issued. West thinks he is Jesus and beyond the touch of law enforcement. . He is a big mouth with a chip on his shoulder, who will pay for his antics some day.