Girls Season Premiere Gets Series-High 1.1 Million Viewers

Despite competition from the Golden Globes

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Who run the world? Girls.

HBO’s comedic drama about a group of millennial girls living in Brooklyn, New York — devised by Lena Dunham — netted a series record 1.1 million viewers during its season three premiere Sunday night. That’s a 28% hike over last season’s debut, per Deadline.

The numbers are especially impressive considering Girls was up against the latter half of the 2014 Golden Globe awards — and that’s when all the heavy-hitting winners are named.

For those who didn’t tune in to HBO for the Girls premiere, you’re in luck: HBO put the whole thing on YouTube. For free!



I agree completely and have commented several times that this forum goes way overboard regarding this show in particular and HBO in general; especially lately, three or four of the seven or eight featured articles have been about HBO series' most of these have been about "Girls."


I find it amusing the ratio of press to ratings for some put 1.1 million in context...the last episode of 2 and a 1/2 men had almost 9 times the viewers and you'll never, in a million years, see a dedicated article about that episodes ratings in the media.

I am not saying it should, mind you, but the reality is that nobody (and 1.1 million is 1/300 people in the US which is nobody) watches Girls.